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kʷu cnxiʔ at a Glance

kʷu cnxiʔ is a 501(c)3 nonprofit

A Distinct Identity

Vision:  Indigenous children are being raised in ancestral wisdom, knowledge, and love through language and culture resulting in flourishing mental health which increases educational outcomes, self-esteem, and socioeconomic success.

Mission:  kʷu cnxiʔ looks to our First Language Speakers and Cultural Knowledge Keepers to guide us in recreating indigenous education that our ancestors practiced prior to colonization.  From their wisdom, we create curriculums, educational resources, toolkits, and more to funnel to programs servicing indigenous youth with an emphasis on mental health.

Guiding Principles:  kʷu cnxiʔ values the wisdom of our Elders, the sacredness of our youth, and our responsibility to land, culture, and community.

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Portrait in Traditional Clothing
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Curriculum Development

Supporting education

Elder Knowledge Keepers

Guiding the way

Mental Health

Healing intergenerational trauma

"Let us put our minds together and see what life we can make for our children"

Sitting Bull


Awards & Accolades

Our project is supported by Solve, an initiative from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


We Love our Funders

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Vadon Foundation

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MIT Solve

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